Along with the aforementioned Commercial and Domestic services of the previous pages, JW also specialises in providing solutions in the following fields:

Gutter Lining

Leaking gutters, whether they are old or new, are bad news for business and we are a specialist installer of ‘Gutterline’ plygene lining system as manufactured by HD Sharman Ltd.

We cater for planning all the way through to installation and maintenance of new gutter lining systems, along with evaluation, maintenance and repair of existing and old systems with a view towards the most enviromentally sound and cost effective options tailored to your needs.

Flood Defence

Whether it be an 'off the shelf' product you require (such as flood guards, gates and barriers) or a full flood defence system, as climates and the enviroment change there is no better time than the present to consider future proofing against the elements.

JW are one of the few installers of ‘Waterwall’ demountable flood barriers as manufactured by Caro Group.

See www.caro.co.uk and follow the signs for ‘flood defence’ to see the product in detail.