JW are able to carry out all forms of plumbing (public health services) including low pressure/mains pressure and boosted hot and cold water systems, soil and waste systems, rainwater harvesting, etc.

Copper is still the preferred material for hot/cold water systems although there are a multitude of plastic systems and the methods of jointing range from soldered/brazed fittings to press-fit and fusion welded systems.

We regularly update our engineers on new installation processes and this enables us to be able to meet most project specifications.

Soil and waste systems are generally installed using cast-iron or plastic pipework systems although we are more than capable of using traditional ‘caulked’ systems or more modern fusion welded systems.

Some view public health works as requiring less expertise than many other elements but we see its importance as being on par with anything else – there is nothing worse than a drainage system that does not do ‘what it says on the tin’!